webuilddevops We build DevOps

What we do

We're dedicated to helping your technical teams reach their highest potential. We'll help your organization determine
their strengths and weaknesses through a rigorous assessment, and provide them with guidance to improve the way your teams
work together. We will provide quantifiable targets for improving your organizations processes and relationships.

Helping you keep CALMS and carry on

We will help you construct and reinforce the pillars of the DevOps movement, commonly referred to as CALMS:

  • Culture Culture – Communicate, collaborate, and learn more effectively
  • Automation Automation – develop an effective tool chain to improve your processes
  • Lean Lean – Remove bottlenecks, improve efficiency and increase productivity
  • Metrics Metrics – Measure everything and use those measurements to improve process
  • Sharing Sharing – Help your organization learn from experience and understand dynamics
  • How does it work?

    We will go through a deep discovery process with your organization, and identify strategic improvements and objectives toward building and operating a high velocity business. We will then help you formulate a plan to meet those objectives in a measurable way that generates continuous feedback and opportunities for improvement. We can also provide customized suggestions for tool chain components, implementation details and hands-on support upon request.

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