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Serverless - Cloud functions and the future of software architecture - Sam Kroonenburg & Peter Sbarski on Vimeo

Understanding Basic Kubernetes Concepts I - An Introduction To Pods, Labels, and Replicas

Understanding Basic Kubernetes Concepts II - Using Deployments To Manage Your Services Declaratively

Running in Multiple Zones - Kubernetes

Building High-Availability Clusters - Kubernetes

Google Cloud Platform

Using Docker Images - GitLab Documentation

Using Docker Build - GitLab Documentation

All Day DevOps: Session Locations « All Day DevOps

Kubernetes is NOT Scary, Complex or Even Confusing - The New Stack

Project Seymour Uses AI to Help You Understand Your Digital Business

kubernetes/cluster/addons at master · kubernetes/kubernetes · GitHub

Python and Jinja2 Tutorial - Packet Pushers -

vault with a consul back end

Static Go binaries with Docker on OSX - Atlassian Developers

GitHub - kelseyhightower/kubernetes-the-hard-way: Bootstrap Kubernetes the hard way on Google Cloud Platform or Amazon EC2. No scripts.

How to build your own public key infrastructure

Monitoring Kubernetes performance metrics


12 Signs You’re Working in a Feature Factory – Hacker Noon

GitHub - iameli/kubernetes-letsencrypt: Deprecated : Automatic retrieval of Let's Encrypt certificates for a Kubernetes cluster

The easiest way to get up and running with Kubernetes on AWS

Guest Post by Alistair Croll : Gathering Moss, Data Gravity, and Context | Data Gravity

Hands on: Monitoring Kubernetes with Prometheus

Terraform tips & tricks: loops, if-statements, and gotchas

At Long Last, Linux Gets Dynamic Tracing - The New Stack

Google Open Source Blog: Seesaw: scalable and robust load balancing

Op-ed: I’m throwing in the towel on PGP, and I work in security | Ars Technica

GitHub - pantsel/konga: More than just another GUI to Kong Admin API

Passing the Console: Fostering the Next Generation of Ops Professionals // Speaker Deck

Programmatic Real-time Monitoring and Alerting with Riemann | Stuart Gunter

Metric graphs 101: Timeseries graphs

Event Monitoring

Kubernetes in production - blue-green deployment, auto scaling and deployment automation

Using Amazon EFS to Persist and Share Data Between Containers in Kubernetes - Ngineered

Secure your synology with https/ SSL certificate from Let’s Encrypt – Synoguide


The Coming Tech Backlash | LinkedIn

Cake pattern in depth

Dear Lazy People

Mininet: An Instant Virtual Network on your Laptop (or other PC) - Mininet

GitHub - rackerlabs/blueflood: A distributed system designed to ingest and process time series data

Brubeck, a statsd-compatible metrics aggregator - GitHub Engineering

Snap A powerful open telemetry framework

Deploy a Highly Available WordPress Instance as a StatefulSet in Kubernetes 1.5 - The New Stack

Panda Strike: Fluentd vs Logstash

Cobra: A Modern & Refined CLI Commander

7 Steps to Consider While Building Out Your Graylog2 Environment - OpsBot

Three lessons from running Kubernetes in production – Unacast Labs

Understanding Basic Kubernetes Concepts IV - Secrets and ConfigMaps

Do you really know why you prefer REST over RPC?

GitHub - avelino/awesome-go: A curated list of awesome Go frameworks, libraries and software

Periodic Table of DevOps Tools

We Need to Talk About Technical Debt ◆ 24 ways


Kubernetes: Highly Available Kubernetes Clusters

The problem with DIY tools and how they can hurt DevOps | TechBeacon

Docker orchestration (and why we need it) – Ataccama

Why aren’t we using SSH for everything? – Andrey Petrov – Medium

Too Big To Fail: Lessons Learnt from Google and

Introducing Docker Secrets Management

Building a Robust etcd cluster in AWS