GitHub - yo61/awesome-remote-job: A curated list of awesome remote jobs and resources. Inspired by

PyInstaller Manual

Cython: C-Extensions for Python

goless: Go-style Python — goless 0.6.0 documentation

Go by Example

Keep Ruby Weird 2015 • Austin, Texas

GitHub - chef-partners/netdev: Development repository for Chef Cookbook netdev

Navigating The MMHG Burger Challenge | Brisket & Bagels

Service Discovery via Consul with Amazon ECS | AWS Compute Blog

Provider: CloudStack - Terraform by HashiCorp

Terraform Remote - Terraform by HashiCorp

CloudStack API — Apache CloudStack Administration Documentation 4.8.0 documentation

Not Even Close: The State of Computer Security (with slides) - James Mickens on Vimeo

Wat — Destroy All Software Talks

GitHub - s3fs-fuse/s3fs-fuse: FUSE-based file system backed by Amazon S3

Practicalities of Productionizing Distributed Systems (Jeff Hodges) - RICON West 2013 - YouTube

GitHub - krobertson/deb-s3: Easily create and manage an APT repository on S3

DoorDash Blog — Migrating from Heroku to AWS (using Docker)

DevOps Reactions

AWS | Amazon EC2 Container Service | Getting Started

Set up a build pipeline with Jenkins and Amazon ECS - AWS DevOps Blog - Amazon Web Services

Scaling Amazon ECS Services Automatically Using Amazon CloudWatch and AWS Lambda | AWS Compute Blog

Docker build step plugin - Jenkins - Jenkins Wiki

The Twelve-Factor App

The web's scaffolding tool for modern webapps | Yeoman

Ansible and Docker

Are Docker Users Migrating to Ansible and Away from Puppet and Chef? - The New Stack

Building Efficient Dockerfiles - Node.js - bitJudo